Avalon Outreach

Avalon Bible Church serves our community as a way of Loving People. This is a direct commandment from Jesus to “Love your neighbor as yourself.”  We do this in a couple of ways at Avalon.

This is our local outreach mission where we serve those in need closest to our own community:

  • Just because Jesus commanded us to.
  • Just because all people are God’s children.
  • Just because it’s a way for the lost and broken to meet Jesus through our actions rather than our words.

For more information on Just Because events, check out our calendar or contact: outreach@avalonaz.org.

GO! (Global Outreach)

This is our more international outreach missions. We serve communities requiring a bit more effort to reach because Jesus commanded us to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

GO! trips are at least semi-annual missions away from the metro-Phoenix area. Avalon’s heart is with the citizens of Rocky Point, Mexico, where we’ve built a relationship with a local church, Iglesia Bautista Puerto Nuevo.

For more information on GO! events, please check out our Calendar of Events page or contact: outreach@avalonaz.org.